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Singapore PVC plastic sheet customer think our plotter better than Graphic plotter

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I cant say anything bad. I have chosen this company for cooperation bc hey have R

—— Mr. Dariuz Zuzk

I like CUTCNC machine because it is very stable and low noise, it is absolutly the first brand in China. I do recommend this company.

—— Mr. David Marvan

we are glad you OEM for korea v cut machine and having v cut technology. This machine is really good. I am glad I can get more high end market order

—— Mr. Andrey Krylov

It is such a good machine, help us save much carton sample cost, we cut it by hand before, cut so much time, so much labor, I am happy with speed.

—— Waduwawala Jeewaka

I sold this machine more then 3 years ago and only supplying knives. The machine is robust and working perfectly.

—— Phuk Stepani

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Singapore PVC plastic sheet customer think our plotter better than Graphic plotter
Singapore PVC plastic sheet customer think our plotter better than Graphic plotter
One Singapore customer see the our PVC plastic cutting machine demo visa skype camera today, rather happy with our machine.  He said all their partner is excited, and want buy our machine ASAP. 
And he said they have a graphtec plotter, but it only can cut paper, can not cut plastic sheet.   
Below is the chat record: 
cutcnc cutterp lotter can cut better effect on plastic sheet
[17:01:36] Lim Kim: they are very excited  
[17:17:26] Trinity: how about your graphtec plotter, it is capacity not enough
[17:17:31] Lim Kim: its too slow
[17:17:41] Trinity: why
[17:17:55] Lim Kim: its cutting pressure is too low
[17:18:01] Lim Kim: cant cut through plastic
[17:18:04] Trinity: I  c 。。。
[17:18:06] Lim Kim: in 1 go
[17:18:14] Lim Kim: we need to run a few times to cut 1 sheet
[17:18:17] Trinity: I  think their plotter is very good
[17:18:20] Trinity: haha
[17:18:29] Trinity: do not know they have this problem
[17:18:34] Lim Kim: the brand is good but too expensive for equivalent aoke product
[17:18:41] Lim Kim: the one we using is meant to cut paper
[17:18:55] Trinity: yes...
[17:19:02] Lim Kim: thats why we want to upgrade to plastic now
[17:19:12] Lim Kim: our customers like plastic more  
We always think overseas brand are much better than Chinese brand, as they always much more expensive, but  in fact, after customer use it, they will know which one is better. I hope all customer can know that, Chinese not only can offer cheap products, we also can offer good quality, realiable, even better than the famous brand cutter.  Do not expect Chinese products as cheap as 1 USD.  You should buy a cost effective one.   
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